Jewellery in India is not just a way to enhance a woman's beauty. It is a reflection of rich culture and tradition that goes back thousands of years. The first jewellery was born in nature and it has had a heavy influence on Indian jewellery designs since. Historical paintings show that our ancestors turned to natural elements such as flowers, leaves and vines for their fashion needs in the ancient times. Another factor that makes Indian jewellery unique is that it bears witness to a medley of diverse cultures, thoughts and artistry in India.

Over the ages, the craft of jewellery making evolved with the introduction of precious metals and gems by the Indian royalty. Their love for precious stones and metals gave us some of the most-loved jewellery designs of all times. Kundan jewellery and meenakari jewellery are two of the most famous styles that flourished during the Mughal era. Though jewellery designs in India have been adapted to suit the modern needs, they have not yet lost the true essence of the traditional craft and designs. While kundan jewellery originally was expensive, this style has given birth to the trend of imitation jewellery. This gives you the same style and finishing in a more pocket-friendly manner. 

Gold and silver jewellery is an integral part of Indian culture. A symbol of prosperity, wearing and buying gold during festivals and traditional occasions is considered auspicious. Though traditionally ethnic, gold jewellery designs are no more restricted to go with ethnic wear. Contemporary Indian jewellery designs can go with a traditional as well as modern outfit. Even if you are wearing modern outfits like dresses, gowns, jeans-top, etc., you can still flaunt your gold jewellery. 

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